PPSNK is a forum for discussion of issues related to parenting special needs kids, particularly in Northern California. We ask questions and answer each other's questions.


We speak frankly about service providers, agencies, schools, laws, and strategies to get the best possible care and education for our kids. We share experiences that may help others as well as asking for opinions or feedback on our issues. When sharing a negative experience, members are asked to restrain remarks to describing first-hand knowledge rather than making attacks. Sharing these experiences is one of our highest values to each other.


Confidentiality is essential to our ability to share information. No one is permitted to forward messages away from this list to anyone other than a spouse unless they have requested and received specific permission from the person who wrote it. This also applies to documents in the file library, photos in our albums, and everything in the archive.


Professional information. Do not use a signature line with professional information. No information from this list can be used in any professional context. If you believe that a personal or professional conflict is beginning to emerge in a discussion, please notify a moderator privately right away. Any suggestion that a member is promoting themselves or their business over the list will result in their exit.


Harvesting email addresses from this group for any reason is strictly forbidden.


Do not ask questions for others. If you know someone who would benefit from the kind of information shared in PPSNK, invite them to join.


Advertising, Publicity, and "Spreading the Word" about events or issues is not allowed in this group. If you want to post about an event, notify other parents of interesting opportunities, offer unsolicited recommendations about favorite providers, favorite organizations or charities, share political updates, make requests for action, or invite people to join other groups, you are welcome to post to PPSNK Clips. That is our bulletin board list, where professionals and parents alike are welcome to forward messages and share plugs. It doesn’t matter if the motive is benevolent or business. If you have a question about whether something  you want to post is permitted, send it to info@ppsnk.org to ask a moderator.


Do not "cross-post" by addressing messages to multiple groups or people.


Public Complaining. If you don't like a policy or you are upset by a message that has been posted, contact a moderator off-list to discuss it. Please do not complain about operations or administrative decisions over the list.


No Attacks. If you don't like the advice another person has offered, offer your own advice without attacking the person with whom you disagree. Keep the focus on your own experience. Disagreement must be respectful at all times.


Archive Diving is highly recommended. Our library contains years of questions, opinions, and responses. You can repeat questions that have already been asked, but if you start by looking at what people have said in the past, it may lead you to rephrase your question and get better responses. You can search the archive by typing keywords into the “Search Conversations” box at the top of the group home page: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PPSNK/conversations/messages.


Please check Google if your question is one that can be answered through general resources. We all need to work together to keep our traffic level manageable.


While we have no mechanism for truly anonymous posting, members can post namelessly by typing their message as they want it to appear and sending it to anonymous@ppsnk.org. Those messages will be forwarded by a moderator without a name included. Moderators may decline to send a nameless message if it is being used to express inflammatory views.


Admittance and ongoing membership in PPSNK and PPSNK Clips is at moderator discretion. Members may be exited, particularly if they defy the policies, express hostility, or require ongoing oversight to participate successfully.


Each application for membership is considered and decided on an individual basis.


Members can leave the group at any time by sending an email to