Our Story


Our story begins in the waiting room of a speech therapy clinic for children under three. There, a handful of moms were ignoring outdated celebrity magazines and talking about what was going on with their children. It was the first time some of them had met others experiencing similar challenges. It was an indescribable relief.


Realizing that this contact made all the difference, Susan started an email list. She began with the moms in that waiting room, and then they spread the word about the list. With the help of a local parent group and therapists and doctors who saw how useful parents found it, word spread.


Today the group has thousands of members and acts as an on-ramp to a critical highway. Often when parents join the group, they are full of questions. But within a short time, they are mining their experiences and answering questions for others. Our community has grown to include families whose children are at every age and who have a wide variety of challenges. We share so much in common, since we all want the most appropriate education, the best medical care, and the most successful response therapy for our children. We also share a desire to create positive information out of the frustrating experiences we’ve endured.


If one of us can save another from learning something the hard way, two people have a brighter day. Come join the conversation.